Training Workshops

General Protection

Understanding General Protections Laws – Keeping Your Organisation Protected from Adverse Action Claims. Adverse Action claims brought forward by employees under the General Protections section of the Fair Work Act can be costly and damaging to organisations. Individuals can face up to $6,000 and organisations up to $33,000 in penalties per offense! An individual has the power to make a General Protections claim if they believe they have been adversely affected by decisions made by an employer that infringe on a person’s workplace rights. This includes, discrimination, unfair dismissal, refusal to employ, altering an employee’s position and causing injury to an employee. Organizations must respond to these claims by providing legally permissible documentation that proves decisions made were not discriminatory nor in violation of workplace rights.

In this Workshop we explore:

  • The legal definitions of General Protections and Adverse Action
  • Workplace rights and understand the Fair Work Act
  • What rights do your employees have under General Protections?
  • What is a workplace right under the Act?
  • What is Protected Action?
  • What penalties will apply to you personally if there is a breach of General Protections
  • How to protect your organisation from legal action

Performance Management

People don’t leave jobs, they leave bad managers. The development of your staff is integral to the success and productivity of your organisation. An effective performance management process has the ability to empower your staff and provide beneficial mentoring that will inspire your team to reach new heights. Performance management isn’t simply an annual assessment. It is an ongoing process of effective communication and coaching between managers and employees.

In workshop we explore:

  • How to implement the performance management process
  • How to motivate employees
  • How to set clear objectives
  • How to have difficult conversations with the use of constructive criticism

Bullying & Harassment

Workplace Bullying and Harassment Laws – Is Your Business Prepared? Workplace bullying and harassment costs the economy between $15 to $36 billion a year. The recent introduction of the new workplace anti-bullying legislation means that businesses are at an even greater risk of serious penalties. These laws now allow employees to by-pass HR processes and directly lodge claims to the Fair Work Commission. Not only are the potential costs to organizations financial, these costs can translate to increased absenteeism, presenteeism, low morale and reduced productivity.
In this workshop we explore:

  • Recent cases
  • What constitutes bullying and harassment
  • The new Fair Work anti-bullying legislation
  • A policy and training tool kit to protect your organisation and employees


Executive Sales Professionals who have emotional intelligence (EQ) are better able to understand and manage the clients expectations, provide greater understanding and professional close deals through EQ. Emotional intelligence involves being able to understand and manage one’s own emotions and behavior, as well as being able to understand and manage those of other people. The danger of having low EQ in sales, is that one may struggle understand or value the strengths that an individual brings to the workplace. Instead of working with different behavioural types to capitalise on their unique strengths, low EQ Sales Professionals, are likely to have conflict with them, creating an unhappy, unproductive and high turnover workforce within the sales team, not discounting client irritation’s and lacking the EQ to assist in the growth of the organization

In this workshop participants will demonstrate an understanding of the following:

  • Personal behavioural preferences
  • Behavioural preferences and motivations of others
  • How to apply behavioural pacing to the “difficult conversation”
  • Understanding triggers in stressful situations
  • Preparing leadership scripting for difficult situations