Recruitment by Design


Marque’s methodology and processes for recruitment are based on utilising leading edge psychological assessments and measures to predict individual performance for a particular role within a client organisation. By using an established ‘scientific method’ Marque is able to obtain a thorough understanding of the desired criteria and focus the assessment of individuals against attributes such as Attitude; Aptitude; Skills and Knowledge. At Marque we focus on the three key areas in our recruitment methodology that completes the recruitment process. We also have a strong focus on temp recruitment solutions.

Assessing the Role Requirement

This is achieved by developing an understanding of the role, the work environment, the organisations culture and any future organisational changes; all of which goes to assist in identifying the competencies against which candidates will be recruited.

By partnering closely with our clients, by discussing specific duties and KPIs, Marque gains a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs. By developing a better understanding of the organisation corporate objectives; organisational structure, organisational climate, current performance and projected performance, enables Marque to identify the right type of person for the role and company culture.

Sourcing the right person for the role

Marque continues the collaborative approach, working closely with our client to map out the sourcing strategy in relation to branding, budgets, candidate attraction; psychometric assessment and salary conditions in comparison with the market place. With this comprehensive background knowledge, we execute the sourcing strategy, short listing, selection and placement of the preferred candidate.

Post Recruitment Assessment and Evaluation

Marque conducts thorough performance follow through with the candidate and with the client at key milestones following commencement and induction. These milestones typically occur at the end of the first week, first month and continue regularly until the conclusion of the guarantee period. This is a formal process to ensure the quality and longevity of the appointment; and to ensure the outcome continues to meet the expectations of the candidate and the client.

Where the candidate has undertaken a psychometric assessment, Marque will assist the client in utilising the results to plan a development path for the candidate; and where applicable Marque can prepare the candidate for promotion using Marque’s Executive Coaching and Career Mentoring services.

Our clients focused Recruitment by Design delivers results. Resulting in better outcomes for the candidates and forging long term relationships with our clients.