Outplacement Services

Our Marque Consulting Group Outplacement Services are available to assist employers and their employees, when the time – or need comes for staff to move onOur professional HR staff can provide expert mentoring and career coaching—addressing both the practical and emotional needs of a transitioning employee.

Provide the Care to Cope with Change

We help individuals through their transition by providing them with an extensive range of services and practical support, including:

  • Guidance in dealing with recruitment agencies and search firms
  • Personal one-on-one coaching
  • Tailored résumé preparation
  • Group workshops
  • Networking opportunities
  • Financial awareness workshops and personalised services

Making a Positive Change

By working closely with your staff, we are able to produce a mutual success strategy and a personalised action and development plan, alongside a supportive and encouraging platform aimed at self-direction, empowerment and motivation.

Our program is specifically designed to help each and every individual to manage and complete their career campaign by:

  • Identifying and classifying goals, ideal job preferences, and completing a career reality evaluation.
  • Developing skills in preparation for campaigns, including forming a personalised marketing strategy and a unique network strategy, while developing a set of tools including letters, personal profile, and resume.
  • Implementing a checklist of the individual campaign to keep on track, including comparing and evaluating progress of action plan as well as employer responses leading to acceptance of the job.

Our service is tailored and individual—we will work closely with your staff to provide them with professional guidance and support during this typically stressful and uncertain time.

Our Process

We guide and support participants through a Program with a proven success rate, helping them transition to their new careers by providing:

  • Personalised individual coaching
  • Career planning and professional development programs
  • Accelerated interview coaching (using a structured Interview Guide System)
  • Personal and professional development (building on experience and competence with new and additional knowledge and skills)
  • Capability profile (through skills evaluation, a competency and accomplishments summary)
  • Structured project planning
  • A unique Activity Manager (to assist job search activities)
  • Focus Groups, workshops and seminars (focussing on maximising skill development, and providing insights into industry expert advice on current and future trends, leading to an informed decision-making process regarding career planning)
  • Opportunity to liaise with our Alliance Partners Transferable skills identification
  • Personality profiling
  • Interview techniques (via simulations)

Marque Consulting Group is highly experienced in implementing, managing and delivering Career Transitioning programs. The team at Marque has provided expert Recruitment and HR Solutions to numerous Australian businesses, large and small, earning a reputation delivering business success.

At Marque Consulting Group we have the experience and the expertise to give your business:

  • The right staff to ensure success
  • The strategic support to make bold and profitable business transitions
  • Guidance to plan and restructure your workforce
  • Executive coaching and leadership development
  • Staff mentoring and coaching
  • Employee transfer and new placement services

With Marque Consulting Group Outplacement Services, we can provide the professional assistance needed to ensure that a positive result is achieved for all during times of career transition.