IR/HR Consulting Solutions


We are Industrial Relations Experts

Industrial Relations is a complex area involving legislation, Awards and Agreements as well as the ability to building relationships with all stakeholders – Employers, Employees and Unions.

Getting these things right can provide a strategic advantage over your competitors.

Marque Consulting Group can:

  • Develop an industrial relations strategy to achieve your organisational goals
  • Assist you in developing co-operative and effective working relationships with unions and employees
  • Represent you at Fair Work Commission
  • Develop and assist with Agreement Negotiations
  • Review your Agreements and Awards and identify clauses to improve flexibility and productivity.


We help companies manage the lifecycle of their employees – from recruitment to departure. It’s people who are a company’s greatest asset – more than its financial and material resources, its buildings, its machinery or its equipment. To succeed and prosper, companies must manage all its resources well, but more especially its people. This highly specialised area needs expertise and experienced care – after all a company’s greatest asset is way too valuable to risk it to just anybody – this is where Marque Consulting Group steps up.

Marque Consulting Group will assist your business to manage its core human resources strategic and daily functions including:

  • Strategic HR Planning (workforce and skills gap analysis)
  • Developing tailored Policies and Procedures – including Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)
  • Preparing employment contracts from entry level to executive
  • Planning and implementing restructuring activities to meet business & legislative requirements
  • Conduct independent workplace investigations into bullying, harassment and other workplace grievances – provide confidential analysis and report.
  • Processes to avoid the common pitfalls of unfair dismissal applications
  • Payroll audits to comply with industrial and legislative requirements (avoid under or over-paying your employees)
  • Customised training in performance management, grievance investigation, industrial relations, bargaining negotiations.
  • Safety audits and committees
  • Assistance with return to work cases
  • Smooth exiting of employees
  • Outplacement services



Marque Consulting Group provides workplace investigation services to organisations dealing with allegations of workplace misconduct (bullying, harassment, discrimination and ethical violations).

We understand the serious risks that workplace misconduct poses to the health and safety of employees and the impact that such behaviour has on the reputation, productivity and profitability of an organisation.

Engaging an independent external investigator is an efficient and cost-effective means to ensure that the investigation process is fair, impartial and able withstand judicial review.

Our Marque Consulting Group affiliate organisation provides qualified legal expertise to investigate workplace misconduct and resolve workplace disputes in a professional, confidential and impartial manner. We gather evidence in an appropriate form and follow proper processes to support sound decision making consistent with the principles of procedural fairness and natural justice.

Marque Workplace Investigations provide a range of investigation services, from dealing with informal complaints to significant and complex formal investigations. Our legally qualified and experienced workplace investigators can advise or undertake careful, confidential and comprehensive investigations in the following areas:

  • sexual harassment
  • bullying and harassment
  • discrimination
  • ethical violation
  • conflicts of interest
  • fraud or improper use of employer resources
  • inappropriate use of IT resources and
  • misuse of social media

When to use Marque’s Workplace Investigation Services

An organisation may require the services of an independent investigator when:

  1. The organisation does not have the resources or expertise to undertake a workplace investigation that requires a high level of business and legal knowledge;
  2. The organisation cannot undertake an investigation in an independent, fair and objective manner;
  3. The investigation involves senior management, high profile or long term employees;
  4. The investigation will most likely be subject to external review by a Court or Tribunal. It therefore needs to be shown that the investigation was fair, independent, precise and well documented.