Executive & Career Coaching

Many organisations invest heavily in their people. Marque Consulting Group knows how to unlock the full potential of people and maximise the return delivered from these investments.

In our experience, less than 10% of an organisation’s training and development offerings are applied on the job. We unlock the remaining 90%. We challenge people to be their best.

At Marque Consulting Group we take the best elements of our professional relationships to craft
a unique Executive Coaching model. Our model follows a structured approach which is usually for a specified period and has an agreed end point, which provides for an evaluation of results attained and positions the participant to continue their future leadership journey.

In response to our client’s needs, we have developed the following flexible programs:

Executive Coaching

As experienced organisational leaders and managers, we understand the pathway that careers take as people move from expert, to manager, to leader. We understand the different skill sets that are needed in these transitions, for example the refinement of strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and communication skills as one transitions through layers of management and leadership.
As experienced business people we respect your experience, and want to work with you to help you create wins for yourself in a pragmatic and relevant way.

The Marque Consulting Group Coaching process follows one of two pathways.

The first is Situational Coaching, but the most commonly followed is Developmental Coaching.

  • Situational Coaching is issue based, driven by a particular and immediate need of the client. It is typically of short duration and initiated by the client, aiming at getting through a particular challenge successfully. Although a shorter term engagement, it nevertheless involves the same core principles as longer term coaching engagements, as outlined above.
  • Developmental Coaching is a more structured long term engagement,involving four distinct phases.

This four phase process spans over many months. Involvement of the line manager, sponsor or HR is an integral part of the success story. We gain and give feedback, both informally and through structured feedback processes, at various points during the coaching period.

Executive Leadership Development Program

Marque Consulting Group offers a unique Executive Leadership Development Program in a “Multi-Organisation” format.

  • The coaching program is a real time on the job process that is highly effective and time efficient
  • It guarantees measurable results for executive leaders and the organisations they work for
  • Utilises Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching processes

The whole program is focused on behavioural change to enhance leadership effectiveness.

To ensure an even greater depth of learning and experience, we have developed the concept of “Multi-Organisation” group programs, which bring together high potential executives from different organisations to participate in the Executive Leadership Development Program process. This environment exposes program participants to a broader range of views and experiences, an understanding of leadership issues and opportunities in organisations other than their own, and a pool of executives from different industries with whom to network.

Superior Team Performance Coaching

This process utilises cutting-edge support and development techniques in the organisational environment. Delivered by successful, credible and experienced executives, who understand what it takes to lead in modern organisations successfully, having done so themselves, and who are able to build a strong rapport and empathy with your executives and your organisation.

Superior Team Performance Coaching combines group coaching, one-on-one coaching, pre-reading and work-based assignment elements to expose management and executive teams to best practice, and contemporary team concepts in a simplified, pragmatic and practical manner. The emphasis being on helping teams to “get the rubber hitting the road” in terms of superior team performance as a group, and optimising the individual performance of team members.

Coaching for Superior Results

Our research indicates that the executives who are regarded as the most successful leaders in today’s complex environment are those who are able to bring the best out of people throughout their organisations. They achieve this by regularly employing coaching skills in their work with their direct reports and actively encouraging their direct reports to do the same with their staff. This creates a powerful cascading effect throughout the organisation which results in a positive, energised environment, where people are constantly developing, they feel safe to try new things, and really strive to be their best.

At Marque Consulting Group, we have developed a process that enables executives to learn the key skills they need to successfully coach their staff, implement them with the support of their own experienced coach, and sustain these behaviours for the long term to drive superior performance in their organisations.

Our Coaching for Superior Results (CSR) process utilises cutting-edge leadership support and development techniques, delivered by successful, credible and experienced executives. Our people understand what it takes to lead in modern organisations successfully, having done so themselves, and are able to build a strong rapport and empathy with your executives and your organisation.

Career Transition & Career Development

Over the past fifteen or so years, economic rationalisation in Australia has caused tens of thousands of executives to change jobs or occupations. Organisational life has become far more complex, unpredictable and competitive.
Marque Consulting Group offers executives a personally tailored career transition and development service based on over 10 years’ Australian research and experience, and drawing on international best practice. We gear our executive transition and development coaching solely towards what each executive requires, and our budget to what the organisation is comfortable sponsoring.

This places the full value of our input to where it is needed most – a new paradigm in executive career transition and development services compared to the bundled impersonal, costly approach which outplacement consultants seek to provide in stereotype.

These programs can be tailored specifically to any situation.

Marque Consulting Group utilises the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process, and has proven to enable successful people to lead more effectively through long-term change in leadership behaviour by using a methodology that is highly effective and time efficient. We have a vast range of expertise and intellectual property available to develop new and modified programs.