Managed Services


The purpose of a Managed Service is to deliver greater control over a contingent workforce. By deciding which of the three above models best suits your requirements, we can then move to the next phase of the planning process. As a business experiences growth, it requires a degree of flexibility to meet the demands of its customers. This places extra stresses on a number of areas of the business, which can jeopardise your ability to deliver the services required by your customers. The purpose of a Managed Service is dependant upon your specific requirements and focus. A number of the key benefits that can be derived from a Managed Service solution are listed below and will be subject to increasing impact as your specific solution evolves:

  • Greater control over contingent workforce and suppliers
  • Improved risk management
    • Business Continuity
    • WH&S
    • Industrial Relations
    • Probity
    • Quality
  • Improved talent acquisition and consistency
  • Greater transparency
  • Significant direct and indirect cost savings

Implementing a Marque Managed Service Provider (MSP) arrangement ensures security and consistency of talent supply. It delivers hard and soft cost savings, process optimisation, risk mitigation and compliance. Flexible talent challenges such as supply chain management and rationalisation, process inefficiencies, co-employment risks, transaction transparency and market analysis, contractor pay rate parity and probity (to name but a few) are eradicated.

Features of the Technology Platform

  • Place an order for contract staff – orders can be placed on the system at any time and will be picked up by Marque (or a nominated sub-vendor). Progress may be viewed on-line in real time.
  • Generate time sheets – these are automatically generated when an order is placed and are available for the contractor to complete on-line. The time sheeting module can also be interfaced with an automated time clock system
  • Download electronic invoices and make direct payments
  • Provide an invoice and central billing system – invoices are available online and can be printed or viewed on screen. Provides the additional advantage of real time access to weekly invoice summaries and the ability to drill down into detail at the press of a button.
  • Customise the system according to your own HR systems and processes, for example, integration of other e-procurement programmes such as Ariba and SAP.

In addition we can utilise any available VMS (Vendor Management System) products. All are web enabled technologies specific to the management of contract labour with functionality that includes the sourcing and rating of potential candidates, supplier-tiering, rate card management, reporting, timekeeping and invoicing. Marque’s MSP solution can include the use of VMS technology to automate the entire process from order requisition through the payment process, depending on your requirements. VMS technologies provide a level of visibility and control that allow MSP programs to meet overall company objectives, but increase the cost of the project.

We specialise in the following outsourced areas:

  • Lead generation and sales re-engineering processes for greater returns
  • Call centre outsourcing
  • Marketing and Event Management through MSP/VMS
  • Project management